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Atelier CPH #68

kr 599,00 Vanlig pris
kr 419,30Salgspris
  • Kunden henter og betaler varen/varene i butikken. Skriv en melding om hvilket tidspunkt som passer for deg å hente, så løser vi det på et vis. Varen/varene kan også sendes i posten ved avtale og betaling via Vipps.

    The new Atelier Cph collection ‘Assemble’ is based on the concept of manipulating fabrics that are translated into minimal and abstract fabric collages. Since the first Atelier Cph collection we continued to experiment with textiles and different types of paper, this has influenced our design direction through the years. This piece is a realistic photo of an original artwork which is created by weaving threats into a collage of different patterns. The original piece is made from leftover threats from secondhand shops, demonstrating an honest use of materials. Piecing together materials as a form of collage, the constructed geometric pattern reflects a simple modern expression.

    This artwork is printed on 265g high quality fine art paper and comes in size 297 x 420 mm (A3).

    Atelier Cph is a Copenhagen based design studio established in 2012 by trend forecaster Sara Ingemann and art director Mandy Rep. Atelier Cph is a space for artistic expression and creative development. With our vision in mind, we create prints and artwork, both for our own brand as well as for various clients. We have a high focus on tactility, quality and like to experiment with new techniques, textures, and materials. We are always searching for new forms of expression.

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